Dorothy Loh

Dorothy’s journey into yoga commenced in 2000 at the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hong Kong, where she discovered the profound effects of Raja yoga meditation. Under the mentorship of distinguished teachers Manju Jois and John Scott, she immersed herself in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, dedicating over 15 years to its practice.

Expanding her expertise, Dorothy conducted teacher trainings and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs in China, contributing significantly to the yoga community there. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she integrated yoga into holistic therapy, aiding in body rehabilitation and mindfulness.

As an authorized teacher of primary and intermediate series by Manju Jois, Dorothy’s teachings are grounded in authenticity and tradition. Recognized as one of the few senior teachers in Asia endorsed by John Scott, she combines her yoga journey with scientific exploration as a delegated investigator in chronic pain rehabilitation projects at the University of Hong Kong.

Discover the transformative teachings of Dorothy at Alive Wellness, where her guidance can lead you on a journey of self-discovery, physical vitality, and inner harmony.

What Dorothy Can Help With at Alive Wellness

  • Chronic pain rehabilitation through yoga
  • Whole-body approach to pain relief
  • Dorothy’s expert guidance connects yoga and pain recovery
  • Personalised yoga therapy for managing chronic pain
  • Empowering individuals to heal through yoga


For more about Dorothy and her transformative approach, visit her website Mahahina Yoga.

Dorothy Loh Ashtanga Yoga

Dorothy’s Specialties:

  • Experienced Yoga Practitioner
  • Authorized Teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Expert in Holistic Therapy Integration
  • Delegated Investigator in Chronic Pain Rehabilitation
  • Recognized Senior Yoga Teacher in Asia