Chakra Acupuncture

What is Chakra Acupuncture?

Chakra acupuncture is an integrated way of using the Qi flows with acupuncture to enable a deep level of chakra balancing, releasing energy blockages, and enhancing the healing results. Chakra acupuncture combines the energy medicine wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine and the Indian concept of chakra system into one.

The basic concept of Chinese acupuncture is to dissolve blockages and stagnation in the channels by balancing the flow of Qi. Attaining vitality from Qi flowing harmoniously improves one’s immunity, physical and emotional wellbeing. Conditions like chronic stress, insomnia, body aches and pains can be resolved through acupuncture. Acupuncture is also an important health regime that the ancient Chinese used to maintain their health and well-being.

Chakra energy system, similar to Chinese medicine, has existed for thousands of years and across many cultures. The chakras represent various parts of our energy and consciousness. There are seven major Chakras that lie along the midline of our body, which corresponds with different major organs. Whether a chakra is open or closed, overactive or underactive, depends on how well energy is able to flow through them. Unsurprisingly, the ability of energy to flow through a chakra is also highly related to our perceptions, beliefs, emotional intelligence, and our mind-body connection.

Chakra acupuncture uses acupuncture to harmonize certain acupuncture points, which lie near the chakras. Stimulating these points and spaces through acupuncture is called ‘opening of the chakras‘, because it activates them and increases the flow of vital energy within them, causing the chakra and meridian flow to be balanced and harmonized. At the same time, diving deeper into the energy system can cause you to reflect on different chakras, which will bring new insights and help one reach their fullest potential.

Who will benefit?

Chakra acupuncture is able to address a diverse range of mental and physical ailments and can be beneficial for many. Chakra acupuncture is especially beneficial for those who experience:

  • General fatigue and low energy
  • Emotional imbalance (suppression of emotions or overactive emotions)
  • Stress and/or holding on the past trauma or shock
  • Wanting to obtain inner calm and peace and reconnection with their inner balance
  • Wanting to restore their energy system