Holistic Therapies and Wellness Center in Hong Kong

Our Approach

ALIVE WELLNESS is a renowned therapy center in the heart of Hong Kong, helping clients improving their health and achieving holistic wellbeing. Its integrative approach to healing assisting patients to open up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Designed to treat the ‘whole being’ ALIVE WELLNESS is a holistic therapy center that inspires people to take action on their dreams and live lives they once only imagined.
Its popular holistic physiotherapy treatment eliminates muscle and joint ache and enhances current muscle movement by providing greater physical flexibility.
ALIVE WELLNESS center aims to share knowledge and raise awareness of holistic health, wellbeing and spirituality.

At Alive Wellness, we believe in treating the whole person and discovering the root cause rather than merely isolating and treating the symptoms. We also recognize the innate capacity of the body to heal itself.

Professional Wellness

Regular workshops, expert talks, and a wide range of therapies
are provided to empower our clients with the knowledge and
skills necessary. We guide our clients to nurture themselves and
unleash their potential to navigate life with joy, wisdom, and well-
being. We help you to understand who you are, and show you the
potential of who you can become.

Our Specializations

Our Therapies

We firmly believe using an integrated approach is an effective way to facilitate our clients to achieve physical, mental and emotional wellness and balance in your lives. 

We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills so that you can nurture yourselves and going through learning in life with Joy and wisdom.

What our clients have to say