My daughter, a dancer, had a soft tissue injury which was causing muscular issues and pain in her foot. Several consultations in Australia, and the United Kingdom with orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, osteotherapists & podiatrists were only able to temporarily relieve the pain. Alice has been amazing, my daughter has spent summer having regular treatments with Alice and apart from physio therapy, she incorporates many other therapies including myofascial release, acupuncture & body alignment. I cannot thank nor recommend Alice enough. Her skill level is exceptional and my daughter returns to a full dancing schedule with comfortable feet and excellent understanding of alignment and exercises to keep her feet pain free. Carla & Arabella

I want to preface this by saying that I had both my babies through the HK public health system and I feel confident that the system is safe, competent and full of caring individuals. There are certain areas of maternal care that seem to me (with no medical training) to be limited, resistant to customisation, rigid and old fashioned.

For example, once you check in to the general ante-natal ward, you can’t be with your husband or partner until you are at 5cm dilated and admitted to the labour ward. You can’t eat during the labour, and you usually end up on your back and immobilised for the convenience of several monitors, and episiotomy is routine.

I first heard about Alice 4 years ago from a friend who’d wanted to avoid an induced birth for a ‘late’ baby. I had just had my son’s birth induced with an oxytocin drip, and I’d hated it. I was stuck on my back and wired up to various monitors and the hospital staff had the strength of my contractions on a dial. The epidural made things feel better and it all ended fine, but I really hadn’t wanted to spend 18 hours on my back and when I heard about Alice I thought ‘I wish I’d known!’.

So 5 years later, my second pregnancy was at 40+ weeks with no sign of labour and the clinic doctor scheduled me to visit the hospital, probably to be induced. I was quite unhappy. So I finally called the friend and got Alice’s number. In retrospect it would have been better to see her earlier!

Alice started by checking the state of my pelvic bones and muscles – something no clinic doctor had done when assessing the baby or my readiness to give birth.

She worked with stretches, acupuncture, and equally importantly, emotional issues left over from the last birth, as well as giving me ways to deal with the physical experience of contractions.

By the time I was home from the second acupuncture session, I had contractions, but they were manageable. We had dinner as a family, timing contractions through the (light) meal. The contractions continued but as I could move around in positions that were comfortable, they didn’t get too difficult to bear. Suddenly I realised I should be at the hospital, we called a taxi and zoomed off. They took me straight into the labour ward and I gave birth within a few minutes. I hadn’t needed – or in fact had time for – any medication and I checked out 23 hours later with my gorgeous alert baby.



When I first met Alice, my body can’t move and whole body was in pain.

She treated me with patience, sincerity and professionally.

I felt lots of confidence on her treatment and getting better and better when follow her few years until she quit previous job to start her new company.

That’s my first time to contact energy balance tools and start Biogenesis 4-5 years ago.

Getting relax and mood getting positive; Body pain disappear gradually; No longer moody or short-tempered.

I wear 1st ray progress, using wand to calm myself down, I felt energy pumping and have steady mood when use together with 2nd progress wheel during work.


This is a bad year. My husband’s work was unsteady, colleagues were mean and sarcastic, lots of hard time for him. After wearing Aqua Blue progress, his work became more smooth and felt more relax.

When my mom passed away, I brought a Biogenesis Wand to Canada and held it all the time while I was extremely depressed. It worked very well.

Mid of 2010

Ken started a new job and put 8-sided pyramid at work. Business was getting better and better, colleagues get along very well with good mood until now.

June 2011

I suffered from Apoplexy, Alice helped me a lot by using wand to calm me down, I scare less and sleep better.


I learned more about Biogenesis products, bought home a color pyramid. Mood of family members were more better, understanding, with love and peace.

I put two 1st ray progress and yellow trinity on forehead with both hands; a color pyramid on chest while taking a nap for 15-20 minutes. These help to recharge myself very well : my mood improved, felt more relax and the body with full of energy, overall feel refreshing.

End 2012

I bought the whole set of Biogenesis tools. Ken wear Aqua Blue and yellow trinity to work, his power get stronger with more jobs.

When Debbie, my daughter’s had flu with sore throat, she would put 1st ray progress on forehead and oscillator on throat, then she felt there’s a strong energy at throat area and the flu gone.

When doing Biogenesis, I always can detect which part of the body need different tools and with more time. Everytime the need is different after that both of us feel full of positive energy.

We use translator to clear the Eyesight blur, it really works.

Debbie always wear shield, pendent eternal light as protection. She also wore wheel of hope and pocket seal for interview, interviewer was very nice to her and gave extra advice, step by step close to target.

My blood pressure going steady because I always wear red wheel.

I use Oscillator for my dog’s 11 years’ affected area, she recovered without anymore medicine cream. Then I use flame to strengthen her joint, bio amplifier over her body, part of it have energy vibration. My dog really not look like 11 years old and likes the Biogenesis tools very much. Everytime when I do the process on her. I can see she enjoys the whole time.

I appreciate Alice bring that knowledge of Biogenesis to me and taught me how they work and use. They benefit me and my family, dogs a lot. All have the positive power, life more easy to go on, better health, mental or spiritual or physical.

I’m so lucky that I met such sincere, true, caring and full of love friend in my life. She’s my Angel.

Laura Mau

Alice has greatly assisted my children in their recovery from broken bones and illnesses. Her restorative abilities were reflected in immediate improvements in my daughter’s physical comfort and energy levels. They both enjoyed the treatments and looked forward to coming. Thank you, Alice!

Jessica Robertson

Sport Injury of Teenager – Knee pain and sport attitude

I am a student in final year at high school, Had injury while playing sports- cricket and track and field. Came to Alive for knee pain my dad came here once for acupuncture in shoulders and said it really helped. It’s my 10th class and I can feel the difference, I am very happy. Treatment- first day needles were put, I was supported and motivated and feel more positive about everything. Treatment was deeper than physical level- I did come here for physical Injury, Over the course of my treatment I realised its not just the pain- its my mind and how I can become a better sportsperson in terms of attitude- not be harsh on yourself- support and take care of body- no matter how intense it is — different pressures inside me- relax and have the right attitude

Not just the knee pain but sports attitude and different pressures inside me!

My dad suggested Alice for my knee pain which was due to regular squats for track and field and cricket training. Being a final year student of high school, since day 1 I was supported and motivated to feel more positive about everything. During the course of my treatment, I realized it’s not just the pain, it’s my mind with different pressures to impress or prove to myself and attitude towards becoming a better sportsperson. On the deeper level now I was guided not to be too harsh on myself, I started to take care of my body and attitude, no matter how intense the pressure is. Today, it’s my 10th class and I can feel the difference, I am very happy now.


Post-natal Depression and Challenges with allergic baby
Fought into Hong Kong for treatments at Alive Wellness

Hello Audrey it’s really nice to talk to you about your experience here at Alive Wellness and we know you’ve come in before, like 6 years ago, and now you come again to Alive Wellness to see Alice. So, first-off what kind of treatments have you got in the past 6 years, and also now.

Six years ago and now it’s the same treatment. I came for the same treatment. Six years ago it was for my son, and now it’s for my daughter who is just two years old. The treatment Alice did is Cranial Sacral therapy and “NAET for my son and for myself it was for postnatal depression. Alice did some acupuncture for me, as well as some Cranial as well for my postnatal depression.

For your son, you first came in six years ago, how did you find out about his problem when he was first having this gut issue.

When he was born he couldn’t tolerate my breastmilk, he would have diarrhea several times a day with mucus and streaks of blood so the doctor advised me to stop with the breastfeeding and to try other formulas. We tried all the formulas in the Philippines and there was nothing he could tolerate. Until I brought him to Singapore when he was two and a half months old and the doctor there recommended an amino acid based formula called Neocate and that’s the only formula he was able to tolerate back then. He was on that and that the doctor asked me to just wait for him to outgrow it but after nine months on that formula he hasn’t outgrown any of his food sensitivity, I tried even rise sweet potato or chicken or banana he can’t tolerate anything so I searched on the internet Out of frustration and out of desperation I tried to look for other parents to talk to over the internet what solution they did. One more recommended to do NAET and Cranial Sacral therapy, so that’s how i found Alice. I had to go to Hong Kong because no practitioner in my country who does it. I found out about Alice because Hong Kong is closer to the Philippines.

Good, so there was a lot of research about health problem happening with your son and then because the doctors couldn’t do much about this problem after 8 months he was born

There’s only one doctor in the Philippines who knew about his case, but according to her, my son Godric is going to be her very first case, that’s why I had to bring him to Singapore to find a doctor who can give a proper diagnosis and proper treatment but the only treatment she can recommend is the amino acid formula and nothing else. There is no other cure she said, there’s no fast way to cure it.

It was really quite a long time, for eight months of taking the same thing but with no improvements. So good you find out Hong Kong has a therapy that you can try and you came here. Did you have any expectations? After you started the treatment here on your son.

Actually, during that time it was out of desperation, I don’t know why, but I wasn’t very optimistic that it will work. But I just kept praying and praying for that hopefully it will work. I don’t understand anything about holistic therapy, I’m not into those things before I don’t know what to expect at all. After trying it out for ten sessions, at first I was still skeptic, but when I went after that ten sessions and when I went back to the Philippines after 10 days, my son Godric suddenly and gradually he was able to take in natural food. Neocate is not really natural when you get formula technology it’s not cow’s milk, it’s not goats milk, it not soy milk, it’s not right. It’s basically a formula straight from lab’s, so I call it unnatural formula. After ten days, the first food I introduced Godric, miss was rice and he passed it. Then the second food he took was chicken soup and he passed it. Then he went on to carrots, onions, then fish. Slowly but surely he was passing them one by one. I think i was able to introduce new food to him once every one to two weeks. When he reached 5 years old he was able to tolerate all kinds of food, he can eat all kinds of food already at five years old. I’m very happy with the results. So I fully believe in Alice’s natural treatment now.

You can see a big contrast after the treatment, slowly accepting food in his body. His gut digesting it.

Audrey– It’s amazing and I’m so grateful to meet her because at first before coming to Hong Kong six years ago, I was leaning towards this doctor who told me that he might have a solution. He wanted to suppress Godric’s immune system overtime for several years and see how he will respond and maybe he will tolerate food. Good thing I didn’t push through that. Suppressing the immune system doesn’t sound right. He’s still a growing baby. He’s going to be sickly and actually was already sickly and he wants to suppress the immune system’s more? He was an allergy doctor. It’s a good thing I didn’t push through with that.

Interviewer–He was a doctor in the Philippines?

Audrey– yes a doctor in the Philippines

Interviewer–The thinking is which one is right, or better for him.

Audrey– God has been good to me so you know. I prayed a lot at that time.

Interviewer– I’m so happy about all the great improvements after five years. So, i think that because of your daughter’s case now you believe in natural therapy and also that you’re more open minded to now try natural therapy again. Any experiences with your daughter’s feeding before coming in here?

Audrey– Well, when Lala was born, her condition was like my son Godric, but a little better. She was able to tolerate cow’s milk and tolerate beef and carrot and onions, that’s is. At least she is taking something natural, I don’t have to use Neocate. if i try other food other than milk beef carrot and onion, she would have the same reaction as Godric. She’s now two years old and only taking those four kinds of food.

Interviewer– So you prepare food for her now because she cannot tolerate other food.

Audrey–At four years old she should be eating lots of solid food already.

Interviewer– so, trying different things but at the moment…

Audrey– I wish I brought her here earlier, like Godric when she was one year old. i thought she would progress faster because she tolerated more food than Godric when he was born. But she is not tolerating more food, It’s always the same. I think Godric when he was two years old he was able to tolerate more at the same age because he started treatment at one year old. now we’re here. I’m hoping that after the ten days session and we go back to the Philippine’s, I hope it’s going to be like Godric’s case; gradually eating more kinds food.

Interviewer– so for now, is Lala taking NAET therapy?

Audrey– Yes, Today is her 8th session

Interviewer–Good, we’re hoping to see big improvements.

Audrey– Right now during the few days here, I haven’t introduced new foods to her because while doing Naet, Alice told us to not introduce new things. I noticed a big improvement in her appetite so she is eating pureed beef, but now she’s eating more.

Interviewer– that’s a good thing, appetite is very important to a person, it’s like the opening to the problem that will be treated. So you’re quite happy and really impressed now?

Audrey–yes huge difference, from the six years ago when i was here and i was skeptic about the treatment, but now i’m excited to finish this treatment so I can introduce food faster.

Interviewer–And she will be healthier. You know there’s also other treatments like Cranial Sacral and Naets that you have tried on your children. What other treatments have you tried on your kids before coming? Is there any, maybe in the Philippines?

Audrey–Usually, before I try anything on my kids, I try it on myself first so when I came here six years ago I tried myself with Alice first and i felt a big difference that’s why I pushed through with the session with Alice and my son six years ago. In the Philippines there’s no NAET or Cranial therapy there, only JSJ, that I did try first for myself but it didn’t work so much it helped me very little. So I didn’t try that on my kids. anymore so that’s why I came here.

Interviewer– So what makes our service here and our center here stand out so that you would choose us when you do a windows search?

Audrey–Well I love the center because Alice understands my needs very well I know it’s difficult for a doctor to treat small children because they would cry. Alice would lend me her clinic first and make Lala sleep for a while, and then while sleeping she would treat Lala. So we would be in the clinic for a few hours and it would be okay. So my daughter loves coming here she’s actually very happy when she’s in the center, she feel that this is part of her home. She sleeps every sessions and it’s very comfortable. She loves it here, it’s her second home already. Whenever she comes here, she removes her shoes and she makes herself feel at home right away.

Interviewer– so cute! So she’s learning what to do for her own daily life right.

Audrey– She was able to get into the routine fast

Interviewer– so those are all the treatments that you tried here at the center, How about anything this time for this visit to Hong Kong, have you tried other things? I know you were here last week for the meditation, so what experience can you tell us about?

Audrey– I learned different types of meditation. So there’s some meditation that I need more practice with so I wasn’t able to benefit. The emptying of the mind, I need more practice. Another kind of meditation Alice taught me was imagining in like in a quiet circle in your like area and imagining is not the right word but visualising want to happen in my life. That kind of meditation helped me a lot because I was able to figure out what i should prioritize and when i should stop worrying about certain things so i was less overwhelmed with the things that i need to do after the meditation.

Interviewer–that’s good so relieving yourself and to relieve the burdens..

Audrey– I thought more and was not imprisoned by problems or should i say normal things that go on in life.

Interviewer–Meditation helps out everyone in a good way.

Audrey– I need more practice. Because i’m very busy with three kids and my husband is always depressed and busy with work, we also have a family business; I realize the busier you are, the more you have to give time for meditation.

Interviewer–You have to prioritize the focus so you can let your husband know about all the good experience.

Audrey– So my husband was like me 6 years ago, he doesn’t believe in holistic way . Natural Healing, he’s skeptic, he has to experience it first. It’s different listening to other peoples experience, he has to experience it first.

Interviewer– Just like all of us

Audrey–Before I came here six years ago to do Naet and Cranial, I was reading about it on the internet first. I was reading about it and was still a little skeptic but I came here out of desperation. It’s a good thing i came here.

Interviewer– Yes, you chose the right option. Is there anything that has also exceeded your expectations after coming here, or maybe in your journey this time. Maybe I have to wait after 10 days. my expectation are basically like the last time with what happened with my son.
I forgot to mention about the biogenesis tools Alice shared with me. It helped me, and continued to help me with my depression and also the stability of my family. Because I bought the pyramid biogenesis tool and she told me to put it at the highest point to my house, actually, for the past six years me and my husband are closer than ever and it continues to work up till now.

Interviewer– wow that is amazing. Can you say a few things about it relieving stress..

Audrey–It did help with my stress because actually my husband was a big part of my stress before so that pyramid tool changed our life. Actually, before coming here six years ago my husband was so against it, he didn’t believe in Cranial and he didn’t want me to come here and we fought, but I was so persistent. He wasn’t happy with me coming here that’s why when i came here I was depressed so that’s what ley me to buy that pyramid tool. Alice told me to buy it to help with the family stability and help with our relationship. So when I went home, back to Manila six years ago, and placed it at the highest point of my house, actually my relationship with my husband improved almost immediately. My husband didn’t fight with me about coming to Hong Kong anymore. Like today I’m here, he didnt me at all coming here. He still doesn’t believe it, the cranial and the NAET, but he told me “okay whatever makes you happy”

Interviewer–So, a big support.

Audrey–He’s supported me in whatever I wanted to do already

Interviewer– So, a really big improvement in your relationship.

Audrey– so we are actually very close now. We have a very good relationship. I swear It really helped with my family stability.

Interviewer– I also see crystals in your hand and you wear one as well, an eternity pendant..

Audrey– Unfortunately, I was able to benefit from that eternity pendant for only one month because my son chewed on it and the pieces fell off. Do you know how i knew that pieces of it went missing? I felt a big difference in what I was feeling. I was feeling less upbeat. One day i was wondering why I was feeling less upbeat, and then when I checked it, I noticed I was missing a piece because my son liked to play with it. I couldn’t find a missing piece so I only benefited for one month. I can’t talk much about unfortunately,

Interviewer– You can get a whole one so you can feel upbeat again.

Audrey– I am planning to get another one.

Interviewer– I would like to know if you would recommend treatments and products here to others?

Audrey– I would recommend it greatly.. If only Alice could come to my country

Interviewer– We’ll let her know, and ask her

Audrey– If they could see my daughters they would believe in it.

Interviewer– yes let your doctor know about this also. Natural therapy and holistic treatments really helps

Audrey– yeah, even if i don’t understand exactly why it helps with the energy stuff, but i does. I do see a difference it does help. I guess people like who are skeptic, they really do need to experience it first that’s a good thing I experienced it .

Interviewer– thank you so much Audrey

Audrey– you’re welcome, very nice to meet you

Olive —— Lee was born on 26 September 2011 and 3.24kg.

The birth was almost comically easy. I waaay underestimated the power of being relaxed. I also didn’t quite believe things had started because last time the hospital used a pessary which started some contractions, but then they went away again, and I didn’t believe it was going to happen just like that and keep going. Not trusting my body to go all the way.

So, I breathed into the contractions and caught myself scared/resisting and gave it up, and called it ‘unusual pressure’ vs pain, and imagined flowers opening.  I didn’t have to lie down, I could be on my knees and Keon was there to put reiki-hands on my back which just made the back pain drain away. Great hands.  And before i knew it, contractions were 4 minutes apart and they started to change… I nearly gave birth in the poor taxi.

The good part was that all the stage 1 labour was at home, I had dinner with my family at about 8pm and the baby was born at 9.42pm, about 5 minutes after arriving in the hospital. So none of the things I hated last time could happen. And they discharged us less than 24 hours later, 8.30 the next evening, as we were both in good shape, and Keon and Sammy (my 5 year old) came to meet us and brought the clothes he wanted his sister to wear. It’s soo much better at home. The food is great, it’s quiet, and we can follow our own rhythm for breastfeeding and get some sleep. The baby is so relaxed and happy.

The only thing I didn’t like (which left me upset, but I’m better now) was that I couldn’t talk nicely when I arrived (except brief moments between contractions) so they didn’t bother to ask about episiotomy and just gave me one, when I know I didn’t need one. (And they thought I was disobedient again because I wouldn’t hold my breath! Even when they shouted at me ‘stop breathing, stop breathing’!!! Aieyah). And Keon wasn’t there for the actual birth because it was too fast (though he was just outside and he had the pleasure of seeing the placenta born, and the stitches go in, which he said was yucky).

I’d love to come back in to the Alive centre, especially if you could do some cranio-sacral on my back/pelvis to help things go back together nicely. Not being able to sit straight while feeding means I’m putting strange pressure on my back, and I’m clenching all my muscles up when I first put Olive on to feed, because the first minute is still quite painful on my nipples, and that’s not nice for my infrastructure either. And do you have any magic to make episiotomy wounds heal faster? We’ve been doing reiki and today it’s starting to feel better. Walking is fine, sitting still not great. I’m not used to wounds and stitches, so I think I’m being rather impatient.

Not sure how to manage the logistics as I need to feed Olive on demand, but maybe I could come in at a time when I can meet my helper in Central, and come early enough to give Olive a feed at your office so she stays happy.

Thanks for your contribution to my beautiful baby.

Tanya Hart

I came to Alice because of an unexplained vulvar pain (irritation, pelvic tension, difficulties with penetration). I was suffering from this for a few years already. Alice helped me to look at my issue with a new angle. She asked me questions I had never thought of before. Thanks to her I started to feel more confident in the healing process. She practiced acupuncture, energy balance, physiotherapy and Craniosacral Therapy. But the sessions were also time to talk and to unload feelings and thoughts I kept inside for a long time. The entire process helped me to better listen to my feelings. Irritation are now gone. My condition still needs some work from me but I can say that I feel more positive about finding the way out.


BioGenesis tools did help with my stress because actually my husband was a big part of my stress before so that biogenesis pyramid tool changed our life. Actually, before coming here six years ago my husband was so against it, he didn’t believe in Cranial and he didn’t want me to come here and we fought, but I was so persistent. He wasn’t happy with me coming here that’s why when i came here I was depressed so that’s what ley me to buy that pyramid tool. Alice told me to buy it to help with the family stability and help with our relationship. So when I went home, back to Manila six years ago, and placed it at the highest point of my house, actually my relationship with my husband improved almost immediately. My husband didn’t fight with me about coming to Hong Kong anymore. Like today I’m here, he didnt me at all coming here. He still doesn’t believe it, the cranial and the NAET, but he told me “okay whatever makes you happy”


I would like to send my heartfelt appreciation to Winnie for her professional nutrition advice and most importantly the patience for the session given yesterday.

As a patient under different struggles and stress, the patience granted by the medical staff provides a lot of comfort which makes a huge difference.

Sincerely wishing Winnie a very happy Christmas and a rewarding new year.


I have been under Winnie’s care for a whole year. I was looking for someone who spoke English and understood my needs as a third culture individual, which also means that my food choices are… a circus. I was completely lost and bedridden, so Winnie met me on Zoom and we communicated online. One of the many things I loved about Winnie’s practice ethics was that she checked what my doctors said and absolutely respected my boundaries. I was gutted and in no mood to listen to others’ opinions but still, Winnie knew when to give her input and when to listen or suggest changes that I was capable of accepting at the time. Now it’s been 10 months since my surgery, and I am back to work, exercising, and effortlessly following the diet plans she made for me like it’s second nature. My condition is chronic, but my suffering definitely isn’t, thanks to her dedication and positivity.

S.Jung: Korean

I am glad that I took Winnie’s advise and insisted on my primary care doctor to provide an ultrasound scan for fatty live. I was then able to follow on the dietary suggestions and course correct my eating habits along side some daily routine in life, to reverse the condition. My triglyceride and cholesterol levels are back to the normal range and no more signs of fatty liver. In my line of work at a tech company, maintaining health is crucial for a sustainable career. Thank you!

S.Pang: San Francisco, Calif.

I was introduced to Alice by our daughter Lucy. I needed help with my back and hands after a lifetime of jogging, golf and sitting in an office.

Alice is superb, she used acupuncture and capping, as well as massage therapy, to make me relax as she repaired the damaged parts.

Apart from being a brilliant therapist, she is a charming person. She has improved the quality of my life.

John Bond

by M Vrg, 05.05.2024

I’ve been to Alive Wellness to do Somato Emotional Release with Dr. Alice and she helped me a lot with releasing tension in my body. It’s so impressive how she is able to feel where your tensions are stuck and how she is able to guide you towards healing. I highly recommend Dr. Alice to anyone wishing to improve their quality of life, both physical and mental.

I have been doing Yoga for 2 years but only focus on the stretch and release lessons and manage the action and postures alone. This is my first time to do Yoga in pair and my partner is my 12-year-old daughter! Yoga in pair is not that easy, as you need to consider the others and try your best to balance by adjusting the most appropriate position. And you also need to control the breath well otherwise it is easy to lose focus and fall down.

However, we got very good guidance under our coach, Pat and we steadily understood how to help with each other as Yoga partners. Moreover, I have very close connection and communication with my daughter, which might not be found during busy week days!

I also highly recommend Alive’s environment which has definitely added the value to this wonderful Yoga experience. The room is cozy and the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. When this lesson was finished, my daughter asked me immediately…when is the next lesson!


I used to attend yoga classes on my own, now I have great fun in joining this family yoga session at Alive Wellness with my two kids (gal:12 and boy:9) . Pat-the Instructor, was patient in guiding us through mindful walking and breathing to various paired-up postures. I felt more connected with my kids by encouraging each other to hold onto our postures and helping each other to stretch!! Would highly recommend for parents who wish to get in shape and have some fun with family on weekends.


“I gained and learned so much from these sessions with Alice.”


“Interesting experience, a great way to explore and learn more yourself.”

“It was great to practice and actually try it on, would love to know and try more.”


“Very powerful meditation, enhanced by the star biogenesis tool, feeling very relaxed and sleepy”


“I’m surprise how simple and easy it is to clear my mind and find answers. I will do this everyday as I feel I can contribute more to the people around me if I do”



Alice Wellness is a my favourite venue to hire to Hong Kong. It has everything I need to deliver my workshops successfully. The environment in beautiful, the location is perfect and the amenities are great.
Alice and her team are professional and always offer wonderful customer service. Thank you Alice

We have used Alive’s workshop space many times during the past eighteen months and have found it to be a convenient and attractive venue. It is central and easy to find and spacious enough for a group of 8-12 people to work together. The space is newly refurbished and tastefully decorated with large windows, plants and plenty of positive energy to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Alice and her assistant Aly have been accommodating and flexible with our requests and open to helping us create the right atmosphere. We would highly recommend this venue.