Company Profile

Alive Wellness was founded by Alice Yuen, accomplished physiotherapist with decades of experience in practicing physiotherapy and acupuncture. For as long as she can remember, Alice has been curious about human potential and the human body. She wanted to know, what exactly is it that makes people unwell and tired. Her curiosity and deep understanding of anatomy and physiology allowed her to develop unique integrative treatments tailored to each clients’ specific needs.
Based on Alice’s philosophy and guidance, we at Alive Wellness are here to serve you. Our center is built on love and passion for wanting to help you and make a difference in your wellbeing.
Our aim is that whatever your health challenges, we will lead you through the solution via tailored guidance and advice at every step of your journey to full strength.


Holistic approach – we believe treating the whole person and the cause of illness rather than merely isolating and treating the symptoms.
Personalized treatments – we tailor our treatments to the specific needs of each individual, combining different therapies as needed.
East meets West – we incorporate Eastern traditional Chinese medicine with Western therapies, bringing together the best aspects of both.
Effective pain relief – we can treat a variety of common musculoskeletal complaints, reduce pain and stiffness.
Workplace wellbeing – our mission is to ensure everyone in our community is given the knowledge, support and resources to live a life of maximum health and function.
Virtual consultation & healing – We connect with patients around the world in the comfort of their own home using video calls.

How YOU will benefit from Alive Wellness?

• Pain Relief
• Recovery from trauma, surgery and exhaustion
• Decreased stress, increased vitality and energy levels

WHO will benefit?

• Anyone with physical, emotional, spiritual discomfort and dis-ease
• Those under stress who would like to have an energy burst
• Anyone in the process of change and transition in life, going through challenges
• Who would like to optimize their health and wellbeing
• Who would like to be a part of a like-minded community
• Who would like to connect to who they are, to know more about self
• Who are interested in learning and realizing your full potential

Alive Wellness offers:

• Physiotherapy
• Acupuncture
• Allergy Elimination
• Craniosacral therapy
• Meditation
• Mentoring
• Rolfing
• Well-being education
• Wellness Programme
• Past life clearing and chakra balancing
• Energy healing
• Community space
• Venue Rental for workshop, seminars and treatment rooms for local and overseas practitioners