Tina Chen

While Tina’s parents and two brothers are all working in the medical sector, she took a different career path- first with engineering then economics. But she is always nicknamed as a philosopher by her friends, and she is also very intuitive to natural healing since a young age. It was her own journey of healing from her own past traumas and health issues and the support she received along the way from other coaches and healers eventually got her to choose to commit to giving support to others who are on the journey to pursue their WELLNESS and healing.

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem came into Tina’s life at the time when Tina was desperately looking for a “cure” for her child who was experiencing the neurological condition. Learning directly from Ms Sorensen and thereafter she has practiced to her daughter and others for nearly 3 years. The amazing healing effect of this therapy together with her newly realized purpose of life, Tina decided to bring this therapy to service.

Apart from offering services as a therapist, Tina also does one-on-one life coaching. She is currently working on a coaching program of “Improving eyesight naturally”.

Tina’s Facial Reflex Therapy – Sorensensistem™

The Facial Reflex Therapy that Tina practices is from Sorensen System (Sorensensistem™) compiled by Lone Sorensen based on ancient practice from China, Vietnam and Argentina. There are 7 steps of work on the meridian, nerve endings and cranial nerves on the face. The direct effect will lead to a clearer, smooth and firming face skin, the indirect effect can also be relief stress, promote the body’s self-healing ability.

Tina understands that any human contact is a way of energy exchange. To raise self-own energy level and holding a safe place for the client is very important to Tina as a therapist. Her skill as a Reiki Master and Life coach are also incorporated in her practice to make it a holistic facial therapy. “We are ONE” to achieve beauty and wellness.

Tina’s training:

• Facial Reflexology Therapist
• Master of Reiki
• Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
• Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
• PhD in Economics