Steven Bremner

Steven is a Rolfing practitioner with a unique artistic background. He began as a classically trained ballet dancer with a career spanning over 20 years. After his professional career, Steven became certified as a Rolfer from the Rolf institute in Colorado. Steven studied everything from kinesiology to physiology, body mechanics, myofascial release as well as energy healing techniques.

Steven teaches and works with clients all over the world and from such diverse backgrounds as professional athletes, dancers, performing artists, namely cirque du soleil artists, iron man and triathletes, world champion jockeys, air force pilots as well as commercial airline pilots, stage and film actors, yoga teachers and professional musicians etc.

Combining a scientific approach as well as the intuitive arts, Steven’s approach is diverse to create a broader more complete approach to well being for his clients. Steven offers seminars and workshops in energy healing, structural therapy massage, stretchrelease , as well as S.R.movement therapy teacher training.

Steven’s training:

• International certified Rolfer for Structural Integration (SA/Australia)
• Certified Rolfer from the Rolf Institute in Colorado
• Stretch Release Therapist and Reiki Master
• S.R. movement therapy teaching trainer
• Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner