Naresh Kumar

Naresh is a former Indian National Yoga champion and a former Indian National Gymnast and has been a gymnastics coach and judge in Hong Kong.

Naresh is established in the field of Fitness, Sports, and Recreation for the last 25 years in Hong Kong. He is a former Indian National Gymnast, Yoga Champion, and a Boxing competitor. He has also been a Judge in Local and International Gymnastic Competitions.

He has worked at Stretch Ltd, the Aberdeen Marina Club, the Hong Kong Football Club, and the Hong Kong Sports Institute. He was trained by world-renowned Aaron Mattes (Master of Science in Kinesiology) who pioneered Active Isolated Stretching.

Naresh holds an ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage in addition to specializing in yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and personal training. He combines his knowledge and experience of various disciplines to benefit clients and remodel their lifestyle.

Sports massage with Naresh benefits professional and amateur athletes, as well as executives and people from all walks of life, as stretch both releases the muscles and tunes them, making injury less likely.  Stretch is a well known American technique.

His holistic approach to therapies and fitness coaching enhance physical, mental and spiritual health, and allows his clients to remodel their lifestyles.

Naresh will help you open your body and mind to live life to the fullest.

Naresh’s training:

• ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage
• Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner
• Worked at the Hong Kong Sports Institute
• Former Indian National Gymnast
• Gymnastics coach and judge in Hong Kong