Cheryl Rodriguez

Cheryl has been receiving healing therapies for more than 20 years as a form of relaxation to balance a corporate lifestyle. In 2016, she first discovered sound healing during a trip to London when she stayed behind for a gong meditation by Leo Cosendai after a yoga class. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she began attending gong bath meditations regularly for relaxation. Following an unexpected surgery in 2017, Cheryl directly realized how powerful sound healing was in the post-surgery recovery process and decided to study this and other therapies in order to share complementary therapies with others. Cheryl has taken Singing Bowl Therapy and Wellness Integrative Healing training with Dr Buathon Thiennarom, Tibetan Sound Healing training with Dynamic Energy Institute and also Gong training with Martha Collard. She is currently pursuing certification in Watsu, a form of healing aguatic bodywork. Cheryl is originally from the U.S. and has been living in Asia for over 20 years – 11 in Hong Kong and prior to that Japan for ten years.
Experience a deep level of relaxation through sound with a group sound meditation; or a private session for a more focused healing treatment.

Cheryl leads regular Singing Bowl Group Healing Workshop at Alive Wellness; she is also available for individual sessions/group classes on request.

Cheryl’s training:

• Trained in Singing Bowl Therapy
• Trained in Wellness Integrative Healing