Cupping therapy is a natural well-known treatment of traditional Chinese medicine that involves placing cups over acupuncture points to create a vacuum-like sensation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has supported TCM because of its wide range of health advantages, safety, and low side effects.

Cupping has been used all over the world to treat health conditions for thousands of years. It’s a natural method to unwind and detox. The cups loosen and raise your connective tissues while on your skin, increasing blood and lymph flow to your skin and muscles. The focused blood flow transports oxygen-rich blood and lymph to the injured location. This process promotes deep relaxation throughout the entire body. 

Cupping teaches that pain and sickness are caused by qi and blood stagnation. Cupping stimulates qi and blood circulation in the treated area, reducing inflammation, discomfort, and stress. Toxins are removed by pulling toxins to the surface.

What are the different types of cupping?

Many professionals, athletes, students, retirees, and moms-to-be benefit from dry cupping for muscle discomfort, edema, and digestive issues. During the winter, it’s ideal for cleansing, revitalizing low energy, and alleviating general tightness. Dry cupping involves placing a plastic or glass cup on the suctioning out the air inside the cup. The cups can be used at rest or while moving, and the application time is typically five to ten minutes.

Moving cupping is frequently used to treat digestive problems, inflammation, and congestion. The cup is oiled to allow it to move across the skin rather than sticking in one place, thus increasing the blood circulation faster and stronger.  Your therapist will gently move the cups toward your lymph glands to aid in the removal of toxins and waste from your body via the lymphatic system.

Some therapists use heat (“fire cupping”) and glass cups to create a vacuum sensation, which has healing benefits but a potential of burning when misused. At Alive Wellness, we simply create a suction using an unique apparatus that allows us to better manage the pressure. Because of this standardization, a practitioner can more easily and securely control the outcome of suction.

How does cupping work?

Glass or plastic cups are positioned on or around the affected spot during a cupping treatment. The suction formed by the cups helps target deep tissue areas, which can assist in the breakdown of scar tissue and the relaxation of sensitive muscles or connective tissue.

The suction caused by the cups loosens and lifts your connective tissue layers. It facilitates the circulation of blood and lymph to your soft tissues and muscles. Increased circulation would transport more oxygen-rich blood and lymph to the damaged area, resulting in improved healing and detoxification.

When we work at a desk or after a workout, lactic acid and metabolic wastes accumulate in our muscle and soft tissue, in which it creates aches and stiffness contributing to injuries occurring more regularly. Cupping is most commonly used to treat tight muscles and pain in the back, shoulders, neck, legs, and arms. Cupping helps in the removal of toxins and old damaged tissues, bringing cellular waste and toxins to the surface of the skin, hence why it’s red. Your lymphatic system would help to clean it up for you.

What does cupping feel like? Does it hurt?

When we practice dry cupping, our therapist will place cups on your skin along acupuncture meridians or over the sore muscles. Then, a gentle negative pressure would be created for the cups, that draws your skin upward into the cup. The client will feel tight but not painful. As your therapist moves on to the next cup, the sensation dissipates swiftly. It is a soothing process of down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system. For most clients, it is a calming process since it loosens up the constrictive physical feeling and allows it to ultimately escape.

What are the red marks?

One of the most common misconceptions about one of the most powerful and beneficial aftermaths of Cupping is the red spots that can occur. While these marks may appear to be painful, they are usually neither painful nor damaging.

The red spots are the cleansing effects of removing the build up of cellular waste, toxins and blood in the tissue. The more stagnant fluids (toxins, blood, and lymph) were dredged up during therapy, the darker the marks. The barrier would slow down or obstruct healing, and removing it would speed up healing and strength. 

The color and pattern of the marks vary according to the extent of stagnation in the area, ranging from vivid red to dark purple and lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Multiple Cupping treatments may be required to remove all stagnation in areas where there has been previous trauma or injury. As the infections are cleared from the body systemically, the marks will get lighter with subsequent treatments. If you have a history of injuries in the area, you may be startled at how easily red markings appear, or how dark the color becomes. 

The benefits of cupping increase over time—consider monthly.  It is a great way to feel relaxed and get your connective tissue healthy

Cupping therapy at Alive Wellness

Cupping’s benefits increase with time and can have long-term health benefits. Cupping therapy is available at Alive Wellness for a wide range of conditions. For more information, please refer to

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