Everyday we make choices that influence our mind and body. It can be difficult to prioritize self-care due to the demands of work and life. We are inevitably exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals every day through air, water, cleaning, and hygiene products and more. 

Making conscious choices in the best interest of our physical and mental well-being is essential. Many still believe that their lifestyle of stress and fatigue has no bearing on their health, while others take a holistic approach and live a healthy lifestyle in order to reach their wellness goals. 

Modern medicine has made excellent and life-saving advances. It takes a different fragmented approach to healing, which looks at the body in parts of specific symptoms and elements. If an individual is feeling chronic pain, instead of focusing on the symptoms, the holistic approach provides support by treating the whole person.

Will we continue to chase after symptoms, or will we be able to address the root of the problem and allow ourselves to embrace optimal wellness? The holistic approach reveals us the answer to a long-term and sustainable solution to living well and feeling alive. 

What is Holistic Wellness?

Wellness is the condition of being in a state of optimum health. Integrating physical, mental, and spiritual well-being the result of consciously choosing to live a quality life. Holistic health and wellness is a lifelong journey that entails personal responsibility and dedication. Holistic practitioners are here to help individuals navigate their lives and achieve optimal wellbeing in all senses. It is all about treating the “Whole You”.

Holistic treatments have been utilized successfully for generations and play a key role in general health and well-being. Holistic health treatments are based on traditional healing traditions and enable individuals overcome better levels of well-being and avoid illness. It complements and enhances the outcomes of today’s western medicine by reconnecting and activating the self-healing process, and maximizing the power to restore wellness.

What are the common holistic therapies?

Holistic practitioners use a wide variety of treatments to help achieve the best possible outcome for one’s health, thus promoting a sense of wellness. These include: 

Depending on which holistic treatment chosen, therapies and treatments can lead to relaxation, stress relief, and ease a number of physical and emotional concerns. When all of these alternative treatments are combined for holistic rehabilitation, an individual is more likely to experience enhanced wholeness, allowing them to live a more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle. A balanced and quality life awaits you if you take a comprehensive approach to your health and well-being.

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About Alive Wellness

ALIVE WELLNESS is a renowned therapy center in the heart of Hong Kong, helping clients improving their health and achieving holistic wellbeing. Its integrative approach to healing assisting patients to open up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Designed to treat the ‘whole being’ ALIVE WELLNESS is a holistic therapy center that inspires people to take action on their dreams and live lives they once only imagined.

Its popular holistic physiotherapy treatmenteliminates muscle and joint ache and enhances current muscle movement by providing greater physical flexibility.

ALIVE WELLNESS center aims to share knowledge and raise awareness of holistic health, wellbeing and spirituality.

About Alice Yuen

Alice is the founder of Alive Wellness, a registered Physiotherapist who has also been practicing Acupuncture for around two decades. Drawing upon her broad spectrum of diagnostic and advanced manual therapy skills, Alice offers a ‘whole body and mind’ treatment approach. Alice believes physical ailments are signals that our body is giving us to bring our attention to our lives and to listen to our inner wisdom. She guides people to reconnect their inner-self and guidance, and walk on their journey with joy and love.

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