Natalia Formolo

Natalia graduated in Physiotherapy (2009) and Physical Education (2012), both degrees obtained in the “Universidade Estadual do Norte do Parana” – Brazil. Besides her post-graduation in Manual Therapies and Osteopathic Practices (2013) and an MPhil in Neuroscience (2020), she spent the past decade practicing as a registered physiotherapist in Brazil. During her clinical practice, she realized that pain and physical symptoms were always associated with emotional aspects. That was when her interest in neuroscience began and she started to delve into the psychosomatic aspects of health and healing. Today, all this knowledge and experience is combined in a technique called BioEnergetics Medicine (B.E.M.) that links emotions, the subconscious mind, and muscle memory.  

 The BEM is a manual therapy technique that diagnoses and treat neurological memory patterns that are affecting the functionality of our organism. It does so by accessing areas of the brain with gentle touches on specific points of the head and other parts of the body, in a certain sequence, that produces accurate body-mind communication. Once mind and body are reconnected, symptoms become unnecessary. Nonetheless, our work is not limited to just removing symptoms. We aim at locating and eliminating the cause of these undesirable conditions, making illness and pain unnecessary.

Natalia provides a new and comprehensive approach for diagnosing, understanding, and treating the causes of many different physical and emotional conditions, including orthopedic problems and associated pain and discomfort, autoimmune diseases (such as allergies and food intolerance), chronic physiological dysregulations (e.g., hormonal alterations), and stress-associated emotional dysregulations (e.g., anxiety, depression, fatigue). Instead of focusing on the symptoms, her personalized treatment seeks to understand and treat the causes of such conditions. As our body has always the best ways to self-regulate and regenerate, once the causes are treated the symptoms naturally disappear.   

Natalia has a long clinical practice with manual therapy, speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Natalia’s Training:

• BioEnergetics Medicine Practitioner 

• Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Brazil)

• Bachelor in Physical Education (Brazil)

• MPhil in Neuroscience

• Manual Therapies and Osteopathic Practitioner

• Craniosacral Therapist

• Pilates instructor