Did you know that regular practice of meditation has several beneficial effects on your child’s emotional, mental and intellectual development? Yes, it helps children tune into themselves, develop better social interactions and sleep better.

Give your child a gift they will cherish lifelong, for it will change their life for the better. A simple yet very effective approach called meditation – one of the most useful skills we can teach our children.

So why wait? Let’s look at the top reasons why your child should meditate.

The nature of the mind, when stressed, jumps from thought to thought like a monkey. If there is tension, then the mind cannot be calm. Meditation gives kids a healthy rest from the ‘monkey mind’ so they can function more attentively and with clarity when their mind is freed.meditation for kids at Alive Wellness

Being a student is stressful at times. Their shoulders get hunched; eyesight gets strained and other health problems start to develop. Meditation gives kids the freedom from stress and allows the mind to be fresh, getting them think in a more relaxed way.

Kids often feel frustrated when they don’t get their own way as they haven’t yet learnt what patience is. Meditation allows kids to return to their natural rhythm, helping them cope with the emotions of fear and frustration. It helps balance their system, giving rest to the mind and not overwhelming them by their strong feelings.

Facilitator: Alice Yuen
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