Anna Girsova

Anna Girsova is a certified Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflexologist. Originally from Russia, she has a Master’s degree in Asian Studies and has lived in Asia (South Korea and Hong Kong) for more than 22 years. She became a Facial Reflexologist after being a patient herself and after looking for holistic healing methods.

Being deeply impressed by the effect that FRT sessions had on her and inspired by the philosophy behind it, Anna began her Facial Reflex Therapy and Japanese Cosmo Lift Therapy studies with Mariko Hiyama, a talented practitioner and a certified FRT teacher, in 2016.  After 3
years of continuing studies, practice and many happy clients, Anna completed her training in Barcelona with renowned reflexologist Lone Sorensen, the founder of the SORENSENSISTEM™ method.  

Anna’s Training:

  • Japanese Cosmo Faceliftling- Mod 1 Diploma (2017), Institut Reflex Therapy, Barcelona 
  • Facial Reflex Therapy Diploma 2019, International Education of Facial Reflex Therapy, Barcelona 
  • Hands On Training Diploma 2019, International Reflexology School, Barcelona