Lunchtime Yoga 午間瑜伽

Relax – Revitalize – Refocus

Take time away from the busy streets and head up to the peaceful atmosphere of Alive Wellness on Wyndham Street. Here you will be guided through gentle yet effective yoga postures and breathing exercises that promote mindfulness, help you focus and be at ease.  Students of all levels and abilities will enjoy an hour of relaxation, feel energized and refreshed afterwards.

– Small class and calm conducive setting allows a high level of teacher interaction to cater for individual needs.

– This is not an intensive or “super-sweaty” class so you will return to work without feeling the need for a shower.

– Private lunchtime class also available upon request.
Lunchtime Yoga 
Every Tuesday
12:30pm -1:30pm
$220/ class, $800 for 4 classes and be used in 2 months
Instructor: Pat Fong

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About Pat Fong:

With more than 15 years experience, Pat is an experienced yoga teacher who takes pride in communicating her love of nature. For her, the best air-conditioning is the sea breeze. The most magical sound is that of insects singing. Pat’s love for the natural world has grown alongside her passion for yoga which brings people to feel at ease with both themselves – and in harmony with Mother Nature. This passion is reflected in Pat’s yoga sessions. Pat respects each individual’s unique natural qualities and provides individual guidance. With a great deal of experience in the creative and communications fields, Pat is particularly adept at tailoring yoga to your needs. Her speech is clear and touches the heart of her students. Pat is a fully qualified yoga instructor accredited by the Yoga Alliance and the MS University in India.  Her teaching qualifications totalled over 500-hour training including advanced yoga teaching and children yoga. Pat leads the regular lunchtime yoga class at Alive Wellness; gives ad-hoc workshops and is happy to offer ‘one to one’ tailored sessions.

減壓放鬆 – 舒𣈱身心 – 幫助專注

離開繁忙的街道,走進雲咸街上的Alive Wellness,你會感受到寧靜平和的氣氛,如到達了鬧市中的綠洲。 在這裏逢星期一舉行的午間瑜伽班,你會學習到一系列温和而有效的瑜伽式子及呼吸練習,幫助你提升靜觀及專注力,放鬆身心。本課沒有最低水平及能力要求,旨在讓任何人仕享受繁忙日子中一個小時的放鬆時刻,從而再感活力,舒𣈱身心。
– 小班和平靜的環境,讓導師能提供高質素互動的指導,以滿足個別人仕的需要。
– 課堂以放鬆身心的輕度活動量為主,課後你大可能不會覺得需要洗澡,方便時間緊迫人仕。
– 可應要求,提供個別私人午間課程。
$ 220 /班/人 ;  $800 for 4 classes and be used in 2 months

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