The Joy of Wealth by Sarupa Shah

The Joy of Wealth

One Day Workshop: Saturday 25th November 2017

Facilitator : Sarupa Shah, international speaker from UK

  • Are you an entrepreneur, someone with a Spiritual leaning, maybe a healer, a practitioner or an artist who struggles to create real & sustainable wealth from their purpose?
  • Do you sometimes feel like following your Spiritual path & growth involves sacrificing success & wealth?
  • And do you feel that you have done so much ‘work’ and totally get the theory of abundance yet you can’t get it to happen, like you can’t burst the abundance dam when it comes to your spiritual service and your purpose feels like a hobby!
  • Maybe you know you are simply ready to receive greater & aligned value, & ready to share more of you in the world and serve those you are here to serve and want YOUR New Era money storythe one that flows because of who you are!

These self-made ‘spiritual stand-offs’ are all too common for those who have chosen to live spiritually and awaken their consciousness to All That Is Universe. The shame, the judgments, the self-criticism, the feeling of frustration of why hasn’t it all clicked into place & I ought to know it all by now…denies YOU the opportunity to grow and this is where you have an opportunity now…on…

 The Joy of Wealth –  One Day Workshop to address the next steps of your money and abundance journey.

What The Joy Of Wealth Workshop covers…

  • INNER WORK – Discover your no. 1 fear around making money and resolve it immediately
  • KARMA CLEARIING – Address karmic energy that remains unresolved and stands in the way of your Joy Of Wealth
  • CLAIM YOUR TRUE VALUE – Experience the 8 Pillars of Claiming Your Value, which include integrating & aligning your steps to wealth & expanding your service spiritually
  • THE JOY OF WEALTH- Get clear about your next steps & spiritual practice when it comes to sustaining the momentum of growth and The Joy Of Wealth.
  • Insights & wisdom that will challenge you to expand your consciousness!
  •  A money healing meditation audio to get your process started as soon as you signed up
    A deeper connection to your Soul & Guidance as the emphasis for the day is to empower you as the wise light being that you are!

    At the end of the workshop The Joy Of Wealth, you will take your money consciousness to a whole new level and trajectory. Claiming your abundance & power.

    You will go through exercises & processes to lead you to the next step to money magnificence.

    Join this adventure of Soul growth and Spiritual Development and claim your Joy Of Wealth.

     Come and Join us on Nov 25th  

This is an advanced money healing workshop!

This is an advanced money healing workshop – where you will build on the wisdom you have gained through your journey already. You will go in deeper and unearth what has been left untouched, ignored or feared as it has been labelled ‘too difficult’ to resolve or you have been going round in circles.

The fear being it might not work, it might show me what I can’t achieve…so better avoid it….running through your  head … like a stop sign…well this can be transformed easily without waiting lifetimes or experiencing more struggle… 

…instead you can experience & be The Joy Of Wealth…and live in alignment with universal truth  – Abundance exists and it is 100% possible for you to achieve in your life and through your purpose. No qualifications are necessary just a willingness to resolve what needs to be addressed and a willingness to fearlessly keep moving forward.

Whatever is unfolding in the world, your Purpose and Path to Claim Your Value isn’t impacted, the fears you may believe that limit you are an illusion and this is why it is time for you to RISE and inspire change as you lead from within.

The Joy Of Wealth – One Day workshop

Date: Saturday November 25th 2017

Time : 10am -5:30pm
Fee: $6000 ( Included all materials, lunch & refreshments)
Venue :Alive Wellness
Facilitator Sarupa Shah -One of the UK’s most prominent spiritual and business experts , Money & Business Transformation Speaker
Come and join us on Nov 25th 

Contact us at here /  or 2541 8600 if you want to know more about the workshop. 

About the Facilitator

  ” I have been healing money stories since 2011, with work that I had first channelled back in 1999 and the energy shift of the New Era is making the call to address the deep stuff so loud and unavoidable. I do hope you will join this opportunity and claim more of your light as I know you will share more with others when you do…” – Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah, an award winning spiritual teacher teaches that anything that triggers you is an invitation from YOUR Soul telling you, you are READY to move beyond limited patterns. Sarupa also shares that claiming YOUR true value requires you to be vulnerable with yourself…and really listen to your hearts guidance!

It’s likely you have a mindset that makes you feel that you ‘should’ make do it isn’t like you don’t have money, even if you aren’t thriving from living your purpose yet. And that is the thing…

 …the frustration that follows when you don’t experience your true value stops you fulfilling your purpose and that creates more doubt and uncertainty as well as fear and a cycle feeds itself. The hunger to change this situation and expand your wealth consciousness is beyond what you can ignore…and something you don’t want to ignore. The connection between value and fulfilling your Spiritual Purpose is definitely in the spotlight. The energy is making this calling, will you take the call?

This is the next piece of your jigsaw  –  to get past what stops you from accepting your value and claiming it. This is the area you Soul is saying RESOLVE RESOLVE RESOLVE…and this is that time to listen to the wise part of you that says it’s time for more.

This is your time for more…

TheJoy Of Wealth one-day workshop steps you into creation & manifesting money and you will make your own luck. Luck doesn’t choose you, you create it and I will show you how you can!

Join us and claim your abundance


The Money Healing workshop is about so much more than money, it’s about value. Sarupa led us on an incredibly personalised and intuitive journey where we were able to tap into our limiting beliefs around money and our value. Weeks later I find my relationship with money has shifted and I am much more joyful and appreciative of it,  I find that money is flowing to me rather than away form me and I have so much more lightness around it.  –  Bronwyn Coleman 

Meditation to claim your light and Abundance by Sarupa 

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