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Alive Wellness provides treatments of traditional and modern holistic therapies. It is a place for integral health, well-being and self-development.

We firmly believe in using an integrated approach is an effective way to facilitate our clients to achieve physical, mental and emotional wellness and balance in your lives.  We empowers our clients with the knowledge and skills so that you can nuture yourselves and going through learning in life with Joy and wisdom.Alive Wellness wellbeing treatments offered in Hong Kong

Each client’s session is uniquely tailored to their needs, according to what types of healing methods would work best for them and what they would be most comfortable with.

This philosophy had its beginnings 10 years ago, when our founder, Alice, who was working as an acupuncturist and physiotherapist, noticed that her clients’ condition kept recurring.

Over time she realized that their physical ailment was a manifestation of some other mental or emotional issues in their lives.  Her desire to not just help her clients fundamentally resolve the problems and ailments that they had, but also to empower them with the skills so that they will be able to handle life’s crisis as they move forward led to her pursuit of courses in different healing modalities throughout the last 10 years.

She set up Alive Healthcare and Physiotherapy Centre in 2011 with a team of therapists in order to fulfill this vision. Now we expand our services and become Alive Wellness, to provide a comprehensive and integrative holistic services.



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