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With love and care, vision and enthusiasm, Alive Wellness came up with a “BornBeautiful” campaign to spread the message about beauty on the inside.

In the modern world, beauty reflects over outer beauty and how we are influenced by trends, fashion and the thought of wanting to be the super models in the advertisements.

‪#‎BornBeautiful‬ is all about bringing the awareness of inner beauty to you, your family and friends. Let us spread the beautiful message of loving yourself and letting your true beauty shine. It creates a more positive world as well as support the Breast Cancer Awareness internationally in October.

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Wellness and Inner Beauty at Alive Wellness, Hong KongAlive Wellness provides treatments of traditional and modern holistic therapies. It is a place for integral health, well-being and self-development.

We firmly believe in using an integrated approach is an effective way to facilitate our clients to achieve physical, mental and emotional wellness and balance in your lives.  We empowers our clients with the knowledge and skills so that you can nurture yourselves and going through learning in life with Joy and wisdom.

Each client’s session is uniquely tailored to their needs, according to what types of healing methods would work best for them and what they would be most comfortable with.




Past Life Regression



BioGenesis Crystal healing
Gemstone reading
Spiritual mentoring



Allergy elimination
Tension release

Yoga therapy
Pregnancy preparation

Get familiar with our practitioners for the most effective way to achieve your balance in mind, spirit and body.

Also see what our clients say about us. Let your life begin with joy today.

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